Movement is really for everyone !!

In the "Movement" community, there are amazing people, talented, impressive in their own ways whether it is their strength, mobility, fluidity, creativity, way of living naturally stress-free, etc. They inspire many people including me on how to move and live our lives better. In the end, with all this inspiration/information, I believe we know what we have to do to feel better, become stronger and achieve our fitness goals. 

However, I also believe that many people just don't have the time for all of that. They have to make a living, they still have to pay their bills and face daily issues from our modern societies. Only a few can really spend that much time to nurture their body&mind. Of course, I know the good old "when there is a will, there is a way" but let's face it, we want to be real and admit that for the vast majority, we do not move 8/10 hours a day every day all year round. So what then? I strongly believe that we grow older by being proud of who we are regardless of where we started and how fast we long as we work towards progress.
Maybe right now you cannot move as much as you would like to. Maybe you feel stuck in your routine. Believe me, I know it. But if you really plan your day mixing your duties and passion, you will see sooner rather than later the possibilities offered to you. You will feel more in control of your time and overall of your life. 
Start small like waking up 30 minutes before you usually do or take the stairs instead of taking the lift. Small steps forward ARE steps forward.
Yes "Movement" is for everyone.