Ain't NO Tomorrow...

February 7th 2006: The day my life changed. The day the doctor in Madrid told me that if he doesn't perform this emergency belly surgery (after a street fight), it will be just over for me.
Today, 10 years passed since then. 
I actually feel like I lived 10 extra years already. I feel like everyday is a blessing. That cold is telling me I'm alive. That being barefoot connects to the ground I could have only "enjoyed" down under already...

From that day February 7th 2006, I had to learn to breathe well, to humbly shower with the help of my mum, handle extreme pain for weeks, knowing that this big scar will always be part of me from then on , learn how to walk again, run again, live with this psychological burden that nothing will be the same anymore, that the good ol' days are gone. At least my definition of what "good" was at the time.
It took me years getting to know what I really want to be, how to be proud of who I am, with this scar (and others that came later, potentially the result of the 1st one), knowing that my belly will always be my weakest point.
In a nutshell, this adversity gave me the extra mental strength nobody can take away from me now. They can try... I let them try. 
It relates into being a kind husband, a proud dad, a businessman in this greedy skarky world, and also persevering in becoming the best #MovNat representative I can be.
Sky's the limit when you think everyday is just a bonus. 

I can't thank enough the people who were with me when I needed it the most (my wife, my parents, my sister).
Everyday, I am building a better version of myself and future is bright for those who want to see it that way.
Have a great day!
February 7th 2016