Carlos Condit: Merci beaucoup !!

January 2nd 2015: A day I will never forget.

Watching Carlos as he always says like his life "is on the line" was something that will stay in my mind forever. I will not go into technical details, or debating about the (outrageous?) judging scorecard which doesn't make Carlos the World Champion he deserves to be. No I prefer seeing the big picture already right now, just a few hours after the battle. He put his heart and soul into this quest, and despite the disappointment, he still spent time doing interviews and even attending the "after-party" he had scheduled to thank his fans. He kept a smile on his face, while looking for ice to heal his many bruises. That for me shows what kind of man he is, and how inspiring he is, at least for me. "Regular" people may see a brawler. I see a warrior with a big bog heart who  doesn't let any distraction going on the way to his success for himself and his family.

Proud of where he is, who he is, what he does.

Proud of where he is, who he is, what he does.

I won't be too long. I just want to say that his performance Tonight should inspire a lot of people to do what they love to do and never back down from it and train their resiliency. If it means getting punched in the face, so be it. If it also means for instance writing books even though it doesn't sell much at first, so be it. Tonight, I witnessed courage, determination and heart of a family man going to battle and then living with it.

Tonight, Carlos gave us something, something deep. Up to us to take it and do something positive for our lives with it. I will do my very best to honor this gift.

Merci beaucoup Carlos!