ScarAbs is One-Year Old ! What happened and what's next ?

Today, April 16th 2015 is a  major milestone for ScarAbs as we celebrate the 1-year of what is now the MovNat Affiliate for Hungary in Budapest.

In this short time, we have experienced so many good things that it would be too long to put all the details in.

In  short, creating this MovNat community here in Budapest allowed us to meet great people, learn a lot from them, help them to understand that fitness is not only about sweat, cardio, music and stretching, it is about learning the basic human movement techniques for a lifetime and improve drastically our physical condition in the process.

It is a daily process and an enjoyable one, to talk and explain to people how it works. Why crawling? Why being outdoors? Why barefoot? So many "Why's" that are answered daily and it feels great to help more and more dedicated people everyday!

It was also great to be part of several documentaries for French TV and help our closed ones to understand what this concept of moving naturally all the time (instead of "working out" 1 hour a week) is about. See the video of this TV show:

The beauty of this "sport" is that it is not a sport, it is a lifestyle, a constant improvement to be a better mover, to understand how we humans work and more importantly, how we fit into our environment, nature and why we are on this planet.

Learning MovNat allowed me to travel to many places this year such as Munich, Stockholm or even Houston, Texas and soon Paris as well as Albuquerque, New Mexico. Meeting with different cultures and applying this learning into my own way to teaching MovNat.

The great thing of this year is also to feel accountable towards not only my family but also to my students that showed up every single time last winter even under rough weather conditions (cold, rain, dark, etc...). Witnessing dedication is always inspiring and pushes us moving forward.

We are now established as the reference of Natural Movement fitness training in Budapest, Hungary and this is only the beginning. We have now a comprehensive planning giving classes to everyone interested with different categoris to suit all needs and levels.

I will keep travelling for MovNat, both for learning more and coaching as well.

We have made this compilation video to show you in less than 4 minutes a busy busy year, and we really appreciate your support from last year April 16th.

As the common say goes: We are "living the dream" and more than a dream, this is a VISION for a lifetime that we put all our energy into to "Be Strong to Be Helpful"

Thank you very much and look forward to what's NOW !!!