"People have no idea how VULNERABLE they really are..."
We, French people, are mourning our dead from last Friday. The same way we did after Charlie Hebdo...and the same way we will probably do after the next one.
I've seen some people being bothered by me posting stuff about fighting right after the events. Some felt inappropriate for me to be happy to share about a great woman martial artist who realized her dream to be a World Champion in the most brutal & physical martial art.

I understand that, and at the same time, I see it as an indicator that we as French citizens (and most of the Western citizens) are NOT prepared to face these brutal unforgiving situations. Don't get me wrong, this is not about knowing how to throw a fist or take people down and beat them up. It is about the mentality of rejecting the art of fighting. It is about thinking that people interested in fighting are out of the norm. Well, for me, it is about being aware that we vulnerable and therefore we PREPARE for the worst case scenario so that when it happens it comes less as a surprise, as a shock.

Let me put this another way. In a country of 65 millions inhabitants with 30 million men, we can fairly say that 10 million men (or/and women) are adults and in the age required to defend their country if necessary.
What if those 10 million men would switch their ratio hobby/sport vs self-defense (and weapon management) from 99/1 to 10/90 ?
Imagine a country under attack with 10 million men ready from their very young age to put on the uniform and go to war without any ounce of hesitation? What if EVERYBODY would take proper trainings on how to react & maange critical stressful situations such being attacked?

No, we prefer watching the news, giving opinions about what happened and criticize whatever our politicians will do about it. We feel so good about ourselves by wearing the tricolor flag and praising the brave policemen or military guys who sacrifice their lives for us. We just feel relieved to light a candle and preach "peace & love" persuading ourselves like a big family that "we are not afraid" and we will win thanks to this belief.
The reality is like Joe Rogan said "you see a guy, reasonably athletic, you have no idea what he can do to you".
There is a principle of "soft target" known by every predator on a small (pick-pocket) or larger scale (terrorist). Learning how to fight and defend ourselves provides this confidence that transfers to our body language, transfers to the message we send to others in the street, in the metro, everywhere we go. 

Last summer, the Thalys terror attack was avoided only because 3 U.S/British military guys on vacation were there in this particular train and knew what to do in a critical situation. They risked their lives to save hundreds of others. Nobody is talking about it now. We gave them some medals and we carried on to our peaceful hippie life thinking the world is beautiful & safe because we have those guys to back us up while we party & enjoy...but those guys can't be everywhere. This OUR turn, civilians, to be able to defend ourselves too, to know what to do in case of extreme danger.
Will it prevent any injury or death? Probably not, but it will surely increase the % of chance to save more lives than if we were just lighting candles for the loss of our counterparts.

Yes, Today is sad day, but this is still a DAY. A day that we are ALIVE and we are meant to do something with this day, to be "productive".
I am far from being ready for war, but at least I am aware that our physical & mental weakness is our biggest enemy. This is why I train and move. This is why I want to learn from those spend their entire life learning and teaching martial arts and movement. And this is why I plan to learn how to use any kind of weapon and know how to defend against them. 
I say it again, make 10 million men train martial arts instead of football or tennis, and you will have a much healthier, stronger and more humble population less likely to be a "soft target".
So we can change it right here, right NOW. We can look fore excuses, OR we can start moving our ass off the couch and do something about it. TRAIN, FIGHT, STAND !