Paleo now ...or Pay later ! Try it for a month and see it by yourself!

Hey everyone,

Most of us (to a certain extend) have the inner desire to be in better shape, get up in the morning and feeling great, ready to go, be good looking, agile and super cool with ourselves so it can reflect to others as well. And of course, we would like to keep the same lifestyle including social activities like going out, having a drink (or two) and simply have fun.

Well, this formula works only on TV I'm afraid with so-called miracle products that can boost your energy "when you really need it" as the TV commercial says. The number of teenagers we can see in the streets in the morning making their way to school holding an energy drink is growing. Energy drink to replace breakfast for growing kids? It's easy to understand that lots of health issues are not coming only from not moving enough, but more importantly by what we allow our bodies to ingest.

Would you allow to put olive oil in your car usually consuming diesel? And would you then allow to put diesel in your body which could gladly welcome tomatoes with some olive oil ? Well, lots of food products surrounding us are as bad as diesel, or worse.

Suffering from various digestive issues, and after few years of personal research, I used my body as test for different kind of "diets". To make the long story short, the one which gave the best results and makes more sense when looking at human history is the Paleo diet.

Basically, you can eat everything but what agriculture era brought 10,000 years ago. You can eat meat (all kinds), fish, veggies, fruits and nuts. Easy to understand, easy to apply in the daliy life (buy fresh products, prepare them the simplest way and eat).

Key names who influenced me a lot on that topic are Robb Wolf (his book "The Paleo solution" is a must have), John Durant (he wrote "The Paleo manifesto") and Mark Sisson (Paleo specialist) who regularly gives on Twitter simple recipes and new ideas how eat Paleo and tasty.

There are now lots of good readings on the Paleo diet, and so I'm sure you can document yourself in your own language (sorry but English is just easier to reach most of you!) but I wanted to let you know that eating Paleo transformed me in just a few months, allowing me to fully recover, and train 110%. I can't say enough good things about it and I will continue to talk about it on a regular basis with recipes and testimonials of students trying it out now.


So the deal my friends is the following: Why wouldn't you try for a month? get rid of bread (I know...), pasta, pizzas, pogacsa (Hungarians know!), muesli, artificial sugar foods, etc... Focus on fresh, non-processed foods mixing meats/fish/egg (proteines) with loads of veggies and fruits and nuts (almonds are great, almond butter even better). Try it out for 30 days, no exception and check yourself up.

Check your level energy throughout the day, your sleep, and your digestion, and let's see the progress, so that it can benefit others as well!

To finish, for my fellow Hungarian friends, please check this little video on why it is important to consider this Paleo lifestyle and how can your life change for the good with tiny but mighty changes:

Take care,