My MovNat Trainer Certification (Level 2) experience in Houston, Texas !

Approaching Christmas and year end is always a period where we tend to think about what just happened during the past year. Did we actually fulfill all our nice resolutions made on New Year's eve? Are we proud of what we've achieved? Do we look forward to the next year to either do what we couldn't do yet, or just to continue the good work we put it?

As per our experience in developing ScarAbs in Hungary, and keep learning Natural Movement skills as well as Coaching MovNat, 2014 has been so far a great year, one of the best!

Planning to be MovNat Certified Level 2 was one of the year goals...and when this Houston November opportunity came along in February, we simply jumped on it. The unique chance to get to know Erwan Le Corre, the MovNat founder and Vic Verdier, the MovNat Master Instructor was simply unique, and couldn't be ruled out.

It's all about goals at the end of the day. Set yourself something big to achieve, visualize, prepare and simply GO for it!

I knew I was as much prepared as I could be for the event in November and I arrived 200% motivated for it, and this is exactly the mindset we do need to achieve anything in life.

Back to the specific workshop which was planned in 3 full & intense days, I already knew the MovNat method as I started practicing it for 3 years and coaching Level 1 for a year...but I completely re-discovered it by meeting some genuinely brilliant trainers.

Erwan in Nature...what else? :-)

Erwan is this philosophical figure who is fascinating by his way how to talk about simple things with such an impressive charisma. He gave us a full day exclusively with him in nature showing countless movements we can ALL (us humans) do on a daily basis to improve our lives, to feel better about ourselves and more importantly to influence our loved ones on achieving greater things. Barefoot, chewing some wood, talking true about how conditioned we are by the society to accept to eat crap, breathe polluted air and keep being entertained to feel numb, to feel nothing and keep accepting our fate...An eye-opening experience which empowered I believe all participants.

With the man himself, Vic Verdier and my Level 2 diploma :-)

Vic is close to Erwan and we did feel this connection, but what Vic brings to this dynamic duo is his practical, straightforward way to do things and instruct his students. I was definitely biased because of his use of French humor :-) He has the talent to make every people in the room agree on what we should do to get better at particular movements or situations.

Erwan and Vic added a great guy to their crew in Houston, Cameron Pratto. We called Cam the "flying Ninja" from his Parkour abilities, where he demonstrated monster vaults, which we have to (try to) reproduce afterwards.

3 experts and a fantastic group of individuals mostly coming from the U.S but some other from Mexico or Europe, like me or Guillaume (France) or Ken (Belgium). The "Re-Wild yourself" guy was there too, Daniel Vitalis. He added his knowledge as well a good sense of humor to the group for the entire week. Basically, I could name everyone from this group as they were all very special people, all trainers looking to improve their program and MovNat will surely up their game as it does for mine.

With Daniel Vitalis!

I came back home with so much more confidence in my ability to move, and also my ability to coach.

Hanging out with my friend Ken Gilbert from Belgium!

"Details", this is the word I would use to describe my biggest take-away from this experience. The details in each movement, the expertise that goes with it. Details in my way of coaching (Erwan being my supervisor during my Coaching test, giving priceless pieces of advice). Details from our students or people around we have to pay attention to. Details to the environment and situation, to be fully aware and perform better.

The French TV capturing Erwan's expertise at climbing !

I almost forgot that a French TV crew (Sophie and Marie-Laure, very nice & professional ladies) was there during the whole week and followed me for a documentary coming up early 2015 about the different diets (Paleo-ish for most of us) and the way it is related to our choices in life. We are curious to see what it will be like, and I will keep you posted when it's released.

The group picture. Beautiful individuals !!

This is an unforgettable life experience...this long trip was 100% worth it and I cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring on the table...and I already have set some goals for which I will put my heart & Soul into in order to achieve them.

Few of the movements I was focusing on before the workshop!

Move Naturally and Take care !