You look fit, what is your sport? Natural Movement ??

This is the question I usually got for the last months when training &moving outdoors during the summer period.

People are astonished by this answer of "Natural Movement". They would rather expect to hear about fancy names such as weightlifting, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates or any other "regular sports custom-made for humans.

But the truth is" What is more custom-made than "Natural Movement" ? What is better and makes more sense than moving in nature, moving naturally to respect our DNA, our biological needs and our energy levels.

By learning and now coaching the MovNat method everyday, I understand more & more that I'm not a "sports coach" but rather (as Erwan Le Corre said) an "Energy Manager".

What does it mean? Why talking about energy so much?

Well, in short, moving naturally & mindfully provides a great feeling of life. All our sensors are in alert. Barefoot? you feel the ground, you adapt to it. Outdoors? you experience the wind, the rain or the heat through your entire body, you subconsciously analyze it and grow from it. 

In other words, you can with deep practice of Natural Movement manage your own energy levels. Know when to push through fatigue, or do minimal physical activity when you body shuts down. You would be surprised that the most simple-looking drills (e.g: stay on the ball of your feet on some elevated ground and check by yourself how long you can maintain it) are the ones giving you the biggest "return on investment" (ROI to talk business jargon).

Back to the question "What is your sport? I was surprised to see you crawl, jump and balance, are you training for circus?", it is a very interesting experience to interact with people on that topic and explain that we don't need a label (such as circus, or gymnastics or even CrossFit) to just move as we feel like and learn the Movement efficiency to be better humans on the long run.

When you really set a goal of being a healthy, strong, happy and free human being for 4, 5, 6 or 7 more decades, that implies to have a clear plan and know the tools to execute it.

My MovNat learning experience only started 3 years ago, and I already feel like I have more and more tools in my Natural Movement toolbox to live a better life, set a nice & healthy example for my kids. And the journey only begins.

I am pretty sure all of us, thanks to all the one-on-one conversations we can have with people asking this question, can make a bigger & bigger impact of the population.

One day, Natural Movement will be part of the landscape as any other specialized physical activity.

It doesn't take long for most people to understand the logic of the concept...all it takes is to show a simple movement that we think easy because we were doing as a kid, and then realize that we lost it, maybe because we became "zoo humans", people living in way too much comfort, which leads to all sorts of issues (depression; diabetes, obesity, etc...).

But hopefully, once we know it, and start moving again as we should, this kid world opens up again, and with it, LIFE to its full potential!

Thanks for your support and help to grow the community!