Movement is really for everyone !!

In the "Movement" community, there are amazing people, talented, impressive in their own ways whether it is their strength, mobility, fluidity, creativity, way of living naturally stress-free, etc. They inspire many people including me on how to move and live our lives better. In the end, with all this inspiration/information, I believe we know what we have to do to feel better, become stronger and achieve our fitness goals. 

However, I also believe that many people just don't have the time for all of that. They have to make a living, they still have to pay their bills and face daily issues from our modern societies. Only a few can really spend that much time to nurture their body&mind. Of course, I know the good old "when there is a will, there is a way" but let's face it, we want to be real and admit that for the vast majority, we do not move 8/10 hours a day every day all year round. So what then? I strongly believe that we grow older by being proud of who we are regardless of where we started and how fast we long as we work towards progress.
Maybe right now you cannot move as much as you would like to. Maybe you feel stuck in your routine. Believe me, I know it. But if you really plan your day mixing your duties and passion, you will see sooner rather than later the possibilities offered to you. You will feel more in control of your time and overall of your life. 
Start small like waking up 30 minutes before you usually do or take the stairs instead of taking the lift. Small steps forward ARE steps forward.
Yes "Movement" is for everyone. 

Ain't NO Tomorrow...

February 7th 2006: The day my life changed. The day the doctor in Madrid told me that if he doesn't perform this emergency belly surgery (after a street fight), it will be just over for me.
Today, 10 years passed since then. 
I actually feel like I lived 10 extra years already. I feel like everyday is a blessing. That cold is telling me I'm alive. That being barefoot connects to the ground I could have only "enjoyed" down under already...

From that day February 7th 2006, I had to learn to breathe well, to humbly shower with the help of my mum, handle extreme pain for weeks, knowing that this big scar will always be part of me from then on , learn how to walk again, run again, live with this psychological burden that nothing will be the same anymore, that the good ol' days are gone. At least my definition of what "good" was at the time.
It took me years getting to know what I really want to be, how to be proud of who I am, with this scar (and others that came later, potentially the result of the 1st one), knowing that my belly will always be my weakest point.
In a nutshell, this adversity gave me the extra mental strength nobody can take away from me now. They can try... I let them try. 
It relates into being a kind husband, a proud dad, a businessman in this greedy skarky world, and also persevering in becoming the best #MovNat representative I can be.
Sky's the limit when you think everyday is just a bonus. 

I can't thank enough the people who were with me when I needed it the most (my wife, my parents, my sister).
Everyday, I am building a better version of myself and future is bright for those who want to see it that way.
Have a great day!
February 7th 2016

Carlos Condit: Merci beaucoup !!

January 2nd 2015: A day I will never forget.

Watching Carlos as he always says like his life "is on the line" was something that will stay in my mind forever. I will not go into technical details, or debating about the (outrageous?) judging scorecard which doesn't make Carlos the World Champion he deserves to be. No I prefer seeing the big picture already right now, just a few hours after the battle. He put his heart and soul into this quest, and despite the disappointment, he still spent time doing interviews and even attending the "after-party" he had scheduled to thank his fans. He kept a smile on his face, while looking for ice to heal his many bruises. That for me shows what kind of man he is, and how inspiring he is, at least for me. "Regular" people may see a brawler. I see a warrior with a big bog heart who  doesn't let any distraction going on the way to his success for himself and his family.

Proud of where he is, who he is, what he does.

Proud of where he is, who he is, what he does.

I won't be too long. I just want to say that his performance Tonight should inspire a lot of people to do what they love to do and never back down from it and train their resiliency. If it means getting punched in the face, so be it. If it also means for instance writing books even though it doesn't sell much at first, so be it. Tonight, I witnessed courage, determination and heart of a family man going to battle and then living with it.

Tonight, Carlos gave us something, something deep. Up to us to take it and do something positive for our lives with it. I will do my very best to honor this gift.

Merci beaucoup Carlos!


"People have no idea how VULNERABLE they really are..."
We, French people, are mourning our dead from last Friday. The same way we did after Charlie Hebdo...and the same way we will probably do after the next one.
I've seen some people being bothered by me posting stuff about fighting right after the events. Some felt inappropriate for me to be happy to share about a great woman martial artist who realized her dream to be a World Champion in the most brutal & physical martial art.

I understand that, and at the same time, I see it as an indicator that we as French citizens (and most of the Western citizens) are NOT prepared to face these brutal unforgiving situations. Don't get me wrong, this is not about knowing how to throw a fist or take people down and beat them up. It is about the mentality of rejecting the art of fighting. It is about thinking that people interested in fighting are out of the norm. Well, for me, it is about being aware that we vulnerable and therefore we PREPARE for the worst case scenario so that when it happens it comes less as a surprise, as a shock.

Let me put this another way. In a country of 65 millions inhabitants with 30 million men, we can fairly say that 10 million men (or/and women) are adults and in the age required to defend their country if necessary.
What if those 10 million men would switch their ratio hobby/sport vs self-defense (and weapon management) from 99/1 to 10/90 ?
Imagine a country under attack with 10 million men ready from their very young age to put on the uniform and go to war without any ounce of hesitation? What if EVERYBODY would take proper trainings on how to react & maange critical stressful situations such being attacked?

No, we prefer watching the news, giving opinions about what happened and criticize whatever our politicians will do about it. We feel so good about ourselves by wearing the tricolor flag and praising the brave policemen or military guys who sacrifice their lives for us. We just feel relieved to light a candle and preach "peace & love" persuading ourselves like a big family that "we are not afraid" and we will win thanks to this belief.
The reality is like Joe Rogan said "you see a guy, reasonably athletic, you have no idea what he can do to you".
There is a principle of "soft target" known by every predator on a small (pick-pocket) or larger scale (terrorist). Learning how to fight and defend ourselves provides this confidence that transfers to our body language, transfers to the message we send to others in the street, in the metro, everywhere we go. 

Last summer, the Thalys terror attack was avoided only because 3 U.S/British military guys on vacation were there in this particular train and knew what to do in a critical situation. They risked their lives to save hundreds of others. Nobody is talking about it now. We gave them some medals and we carried on to our peaceful hippie life thinking the world is beautiful & safe because we have those guys to back us up while we party & enjoy...but those guys can't be everywhere. This OUR turn, civilians, to be able to defend ourselves too, to know what to do in case of extreme danger.
Will it prevent any injury or death? Probably not, but it will surely increase the % of chance to save more lives than if we were just lighting candles for the loss of our counterparts.

Yes, Today is sad day, but this is still a DAY. A day that we are ALIVE and we are meant to do something with this day, to be "productive".
I am far from being ready for war, but at least I am aware that our physical & mental weakness is our biggest enemy. This is why I train and move. This is why I want to learn from those spend their entire life learning and teaching martial arts and movement. And this is why I plan to learn how to use any kind of weapon and know how to defend against them. 
I say it again, make 10 million men train martial arts instead of football or tennis, and you will have a much healthier, stronger and more humble population less likely to be a "soft target".
So we can change it right here, right NOW. We can look fore excuses, OR we can start moving our ass off the couch and do something about it. TRAIN, FIGHT, STAND !

Paleo fesztival Budapest 2015: All videos (Demonstrations and Interview)

Participating to the Paleo Fesztival 2015 in Budapest has been a great experience.

Some Climb-up moves with my students Misi and Zoli. Great day !!

Some Climb-up moves with my students Misi and Zoli. Great day !!

I want to thank my student Mihaly Safran and Milena Sinka (from Paleorszag) for the great opportunity to allow us to present MovNat and ScarAbs as the MovNat Affiliate in Budapest to the people who are already tuned in the Paleo lifestyle.

We had 2 sessions, one in the morning starting with an interview of what is MovNat, how I arrived to the point of creating MovNat in Budapest, and then make a demonstration with the great help of my students Mihaly and Zoli who are attending my classes 3 times a week in Wekerle.

Post-demonstration interview !

Post-demonstration interview !

The afternoon session was a panel discussion with Rippel Feri and Mihaly Safran about the Paleo lifestyle and we implement it in our daily routine. We were fortunate to make another demonstration this time with more people in the audience which was great for the atmosphere of the demonstration. We couldn't do as much as we wish since the indoors context was restricting us but we were happy with the outcome having to throw and catch sticks, rock and do some nice climb-up moves.

Next year, we will look forward to participate again, and hopefully we will gain again more experience to make a better show for the people to see that MovNat is the best physical education system and fitness program offered in Hungary :-)

Check out our videos of this great event with demonstrations and interviews !

ScarAbs is One-Year Old ! What happened and what's next ?

Today, April 16th 2015 is a  major milestone for ScarAbs as we celebrate the 1-year of what is now the MovNat Affiliate for Hungary in Budapest.

In this short time, we have experienced so many good things that it would be too long to put all the details in.

In  short, creating this MovNat community here in Budapest allowed us to meet great people, learn a lot from them, help them to understand that fitness is not only about sweat, cardio, music and stretching, it is about learning the basic human movement techniques for a lifetime and improve drastically our physical condition in the process.

It is a daily process and an enjoyable one, to talk and explain to people how it works. Why crawling? Why being outdoors? Why barefoot? So many "Why's" that are answered daily and it feels great to help more and more dedicated people everyday!

It was also great to be part of several documentaries for French TV and help our closed ones to understand what this concept of moving naturally all the time (instead of "working out" 1 hour a week) is about. See the video of this TV show:

The beauty of this "sport" is that it is not a sport, it is a lifestyle, a constant improvement to be a better mover, to understand how we humans work and more importantly, how we fit into our environment, nature and why we are on this planet.

Learning MovNat allowed me to travel to many places this year such as Munich, Stockholm or even Houston, Texas and soon Paris as well as Albuquerque, New Mexico. Meeting with different cultures and applying this learning into my own way to teaching MovNat.

The great thing of this year is also to feel accountable towards not only my family but also to my students that showed up every single time last winter even under rough weather conditions (cold, rain, dark, etc...). Witnessing dedication is always inspiring and pushes us moving forward.

We are now established as the reference of Natural Movement fitness training in Budapest, Hungary and this is only the beginning. We have now a comprehensive planning giving classes to everyone interested with different categoris to suit all needs and levels.

I will keep travelling for MovNat, both for learning more and coaching as well.

We have made this compilation video to show you in less than 4 minutes a busy busy year, and we really appreciate your support from last year April 16th.

As the common say goes: We are "living the dream" and more than a dream, this is a VISION for a lifetime that we put all our energy into to "Be Strong to Be Helpful"

Thank you very much and look forward to what's NOW !!!


ScarAbs becomes officially MovNat Affiliate in Budapest, Hungary !

(En Français juste après / Magyarul lent) 
ANNOUNCEMENT: ScarAbs, after almost 1 year of existence, is now the official MovNat AFFILIATE in Budapest, Hungary! 
It is a great honor to represent MovNat in Hungary!
We will keep on improving to provide the best Natural Movement Fitness program in Budapest and surroundings!
Thanks for all your support!
ANNONCE: ScarAbs, après bientôt un an d'existence, est désormais un membre officiel Affilié MovNat a Budapest, Hongrie!
C'est un grand honneur de représenter MovNat en Hongrie!
Nous allons continuer a nous améliorer pour fournir le meilleur programme de fitness Mouvement Naturel de Budapest et de ses alentours!
Merci pour votre soutien!
HIR: A ScarAbs, már majdnem 1 éves, és mostantól hivatalos MovNat PARTNER Budapesten!
Nagy megtiszteltetés, hogy képviselhetjük a MovNatot Magyarországon!
Tovább fejlődünk és a lehető legjobb természetes fitness programot ajánljuk Budapesten és környékén!
Köszönjük a támogatást!

My MovNat Trainer Certification (Level 2) experience in Houston, Texas !

Approaching Christmas and year end is always a period where we tend to think about what just happened during the past year. Did we actually fulfill all our nice resolutions made on New Year's eve? Are we proud of what we've achieved? Do we look forward to the next year to either do what we couldn't do yet, or just to continue the good work we put it?

As per our experience in developing ScarAbs in Hungary, and keep learning Natural Movement skills as well as Coaching MovNat, 2014 has been so far a great year, one of the best!

Planning to be MovNat Certified Level 2 was one of the year goals...and when this Houston November opportunity came along in February, we simply jumped on it. The unique chance to get to know Erwan Le Corre, the MovNat founder and Vic Verdier, the MovNat Master Instructor was simply unique, and couldn't be ruled out.

It's all about goals at the end of the day. Set yourself something big to achieve, visualize, prepare and simply GO for it!

I knew I was as much prepared as I could be for the event in November and I arrived 200% motivated for it, and this is exactly the mindset we do need to achieve anything in life.

Back to the specific workshop which was planned in 3 full & intense days, I already knew the MovNat method as I started practicing it for 3 years and coaching Level 1 for a year...but I completely re-discovered it by meeting some genuinely brilliant trainers.

Erwan in Nature...what else? :-)

Erwan is this philosophical figure who is fascinating by his way how to talk about simple things with such an impressive charisma. He gave us a full day exclusively with him in nature showing countless movements we can ALL (us humans) do on a daily basis to improve our lives, to feel better about ourselves and more importantly to influence our loved ones on achieving greater things. Barefoot, chewing some wood, talking true about how conditioned we are by the society to accept to eat crap, breathe polluted air and keep being entertained to feel numb, to feel nothing and keep accepting our fate...An eye-opening experience which empowered I believe all participants.

With the man himself, Vic Verdier and my Level 2 diploma :-)

Vic is close to Erwan and we did feel this connection, but what Vic brings to this dynamic duo is his practical, straightforward way to do things and instruct his students. I was definitely biased because of his use of French humor :-) He has the talent to make every people in the room agree on what we should do to get better at particular movements or situations.

Erwan and Vic added a great guy to their crew in Houston, Cameron Pratto. We called Cam the "flying Ninja" from his Parkour abilities, where he demonstrated monster vaults, which we have to (try to) reproduce afterwards.

3 experts and a fantastic group of individuals mostly coming from the U.S but some other from Mexico or Europe, like me or Guillaume (France) or Ken (Belgium). The "Re-Wild yourself" guy was there too, Daniel Vitalis. He added his knowledge as well a good sense of humor to the group for the entire week. Basically, I could name everyone from this group as they were all very special people, all trainers looking to improve their program and MovNat will surely up their game as it does for mine.

With Daniel Vitalis!

I came back home with so much more confidence in my ability to move, and also my ability to coach.

Hanging out with my friend Ken Gilbert from Belgium!

"Details", this is the word I would use to describe my biggest take-away from this experience. The details in each movement, the expertise that goes with it. Details in my way of coaching (Erwan being my supervisor during my Coaching test, giving priceless pieces of advice). Details from our students or people around we have to pay attention to. Details to the environment and situation, to be fully aware and perform better.

The French TV capturing Erwan's expertise at climbing !

I almost forgot that a French TV crew (Sophie and Marie-Laure, very nice & professional ladies) was there during the whole week and followed me for a documentary coming up early 2015 about the different diets (Paleo-ish for most of us) and the way it is related to our choices in life. We are curious to see what it will be like, and I will keep you posted when it's released.

The group picture. Beautiful individuals !!

This is an unforgettable life experience...this long trip was 100% worth it and I cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring on the table...and I already have set some goals for which I will put my heart & Soul into in order to achieve them.

Few of the movements I was focusing on before the workshop!

Move Naturally and Take care !


You look fit, what is your sport? Natural Movement ??

This is the question I usually got for the last months when training &moving outdoors during the summer period.

People are astonished by this answer of "Natural Movement". They would rather expect to hear about fancy names such as weightlifting, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates or any other "regular sports custom-made for humans.

But the truth is" What is more custom-made than "Natural Movement" ? What is better and makes more sense than moving in nature, moving naturally to respect our DNA, our biological needs and our energy levels.

By learning and now coaching the MovNat method everyday, I understand more & more that I'm not a "sports coach" but rather (as Erwan Le Corre said) an "Energy Manager".

What does it mean? Why talking about energy so much?

Well, in short, moving naturally & mindfully provides a great feeling of life. All our sensors are in alert. Barefoot? you feel the ground, you adapt to it. Outdoors? you experience the wind, the rain or the heat through your entire body, you subconsciously analyze it and grow from it. 

In other words, you can with deep practice of Natural Movement manage your own energy levels. Know when to push through fatigue, or do minimal physical activity when you body shuts down. You would be surprised that the most simple-looking drills (e.g: stay on the ball of your feet on some elevated ground and check by yourself how long you can maintain it) are the ones giving you the biggest "return on investment" (ROI to talk business jargon).

Back to the question "What is your sport? I was surprised to see you crawl, jump and balance, are you training for circus?", it is a very interesting experience to interact with people on that topic and explain that we don't need a label (such as circus, or gymnastics or even CrossFit) to just move as we feel like and learn the Movement efficiency to be better humans on the long run.

When you really set a goal of being a healthy, strong, happy and free human being for 4, 5, 6 or 7 more decades, that implies to have a clear plan and know the tools to execute it.

My MovNat learning experience only started 3 years ago, and I already feel like I have more and more tools in my Natural Movement toolbox to live a better life, set a nice & healthy example for my kids. And the journey only begins.

I am pretty sure all of us, thanks to all the one-on-one conversations we can have with people asking this question, can make a bigger & bigger impact of the population.

One day, Natural Movement will be part of the landscape as any other specialized physical activity.

It doesn't take long for most people to understand the logic of the concept...all it takes is to show a simple movement that we think easy because we were doing as a kid, and then realize that we lost it, maybe because we became "zoo humans", people living in way too much comfort, which leads to all sorts of issues (depression; diabetes, obesity, etc...).

But hopefully, once we know it, and start moving again as we should, this kid world opens up again, and with it, LIFE to its full potential!

Thanks for your support and help to grow the community!


Paleo now ...or Pay later ! Try it for a month and see it by yourself!

Hey everyone,

Most of us (to a certain extend) have the inner desire to be in better shape, get up in the morning and feeling great, ready to go, be good looking, agile and super cool with ourselves so it can reflect to others as well. And of course, we would like to keep the same lifestyle including social activities like going out, having a drink (or two) and simply have fun.

Well, this formula works only on TV I'm afraid with so-called miracle products that can boost your energy "when you really need it" as the TV commercial says. The number of teenagers we can see in the streets in the morning making their way to school holding an energy drink is growing. Energy drink to replace breakfast for growing kids? It's easy to understand that lots of health issues are not coming only from not moving enough, but more importantly by what we allow our bodies to ingest.

Would you allow to put olive oil in your car usually consuming diesel? And would you then allow to put diesel in your body which could gladly welcome tomatoes with some olive oil ? Well, lots of food products surrounding us are as bad as diesel, or worse.

Suffering from various digestive issues, and after few years of personal research, I used my body as test for different kind of "diets". To make the long story short, the one which gave the best results and makes more sense when looking at human history is the Paleo diet.

Basically, you can eat everything but what agriculture era brought 10,000 years ago. You can eat meat (all kinds), fish, veggies, fruits and nuts. Easy to understand, easy to apply in the daliy life (buy fresh products, prepare them the simplest way and eat).

Key names who influenced me a lot on that topic are Robb Wolf (his book "The Paleo solution" is a must have), John Durant (he wrote "The Paleo manifesto") and Mark Sisson (Paleo specialist) who regularly gives on Twitter simple recipes and new ideas how eat Paleo and tasty.

There are now lots of good readings on the Paleo diet, and so I'm sure you can document yourself in your own language (sorry but English is just easier to reach most of you!) but I wanted to let you know that eating Paleo transformed me in just a few months, allowing me to fully recover, and train 110%. I can't say enough good things about it and I will continue to talk about it on a regular basis with recipes and testimonials of students trying it out now.


So the deal my friends is the following: Why wouldn't you try for a month? get rid of bread (I know...), pasta, pizzas, pogacsa (Hungarians know!), muesli, artificial sugar foods, etc... Focus on fresh, non-processed foods mixing meats/fish/egg (proteines) with loads of veggies and fruits and nuts (almonds are great, almond butter even better). Try it out for 30 days, no exception and check yourself up.

Check your level energy throughout the day, your sleep, and your digestion, and let's see the progress, so that it can benefit others as well!

To finish, for my fellow Hungarian friends, please check this little video on why it is important to consider this Paleo lifestyle and how can your life change for the good with tiny but mighty changes:

Take care, 


The Good, the Bad & the Ugly !!

I’m sure everybody does it. We all recall our best and worst years.

The calendar is only capturing numbers that make somehow sense to organize our life around it. And with it, we associate moments, emotions to those dates. All becomes very precise when we actually think about instants that touched us deep both mentally and physically.

January 6th, 2013. I felt I was healthy...but 3 days after that, I was lying in a hospital bed for my gallbladder injury.

January 6th, 2013. I felt I was healthy...but 3 days after that, I was lying in a hospital bed for my gallbladder injury.

For example, 2007 and 2010 will always be associated with my wedding and the birth of my 2 beloved kids. I will always accurately remember what I was doing on June 23rd / September 20th and July 2nd of those specific years. Thinking about it brings me good vibes as I write it now. I think it’s now widespread that thinking about positive experiences is good for your health as it releases good relaxing hormones (endorphin) and makes you believe life is worth living. No brainer.

Well, what happens with all the rest of your life? What to do, and how to handle all the bad moments you endured throughout many many years of family, friend tragedies, accidents, broken hearts, professional or competition deceptions, basically of the ugly Life throws at you?

I hope you will all agree that we still have to live with that, no matter what. One option is the suicide, which is actually not an option for those who chose to live anyway.

So back to the question: How to get through all this pain, and be able to handle it without carrying it as a heavy burden for years and years?

Let me mention 2 other years in my life which are far less enjoyable than 2007 & 2010.

2006 is probably the year where I've known the worst physical pain to date (and hopefully till my last day comes). A street fight ended me up with a nasty surgery to repair my “guts”. Open belly was no joke, adding to it an infection that made the pain last few more weeks. Feeling weak and barely handling the pain was one thing. Not being able to properly sleep and having nightmares because of the pain was reaching another level of self-dominance. “Dreaming” about sleeping on a nailed bed and actually feeling the real acute pain in my belly was putting me to a dark place I would never imagine to go one day.

Every morning that finally arrived after a long long night was a blessing. At 25 years old, I was happy to get through one more day. Of course, all of this extreme feeling went away after a while, and as the recovery went better and better, I could finally put this in the back of my mind and continue to grow as a man, husband and father.

And 2013 came along…2 more surgeries still in the belly area on my gallbladder and appendix. Those ones added 2 more scars to my look as the 2006 heavy one (mis)lead the future ones to be done via micro-cameras. Once again, pain, doubts, recovery. And of course, I linked all what happened to me recently to this terrible year 2006.

More importantly, I recently realized that 2006 crushed my heart and soul deep inside. I was seeing the sadness and fear in my parents' eyes but I under-estimated my own mental fight to overcome these obstacles. I wouldn't tell it, but I would already make some conclusions in my life on what I would have achieved thus far like I was doing “extras” reaching my 26th birthday only. It was a short term approach that I hated at the time because there was no logical reason for me to think it would end soon, especially after overcoming all of this.

But it’s only after going through January and June 2013 during those 2 additional hospital stays that my perception changed for good about everything that was happening to me.

I started to analyze it cold-blooded, like “why does this happen to me? What can I do about it to stop it and finally have the life I would like to have?”

It became clear that I would now get rid of all the things I would consider useless or counter-productive to my progression. To be clear, I remember telling my boss right after my last surgery that I will come back stronger than ever. I truly believed it, not because I want to be the strongest…but because I think I wasted so much time not reaching my full potential. I have the intense belief that I can do great things because of self-discipline, and self-discipline first. This is the big take away from my years of suffering. I discovered that I was sensitive to gluten, and probably my last 2 surgeries were related to this fact. So now I have the choice: Continuing to eat yummy pizzas, bread, pasta and all the thing I used to love and eat everyday, BUT being bloated, have stomachache with risk of high general inflammation increase with all the bad consequences we can read about it. OR I could choose to rethink my diet, and with it, my overall lifestyle.

This is the real question: Are you ready to give up on your daily small satisfaction habits to actually allow yourself to develop to a point you make yourself, and your close ones happier and potentially last longer?

For me, my motivation is very simple: My kids and wife need a strong dad & husband, setting an example, and they need this strong, self-confident dad for a long, long time. I can’t afford to leave them too early. So, can I change the things I eat and drink to become that better person everyday? Can I learn new things about how to move better so I can enjoy again to have a strong, agile body after these years of weakness and fear?


Feeling alive by interacting with my body, mind and the environment !

Feeling alive by interacting with my body, mind and the environment !

My main advice for people who could see themselves in that story is:

Use all your pain, bad experiences, suffering, deception, depression, cries, screams, rage…use all of this to your advantage. Analyze what went wrong, be mad about it, don’t accept it, whatever ...but don’t let it crush you anymore, use it as a weapon the others don’t have because they didn’t live what you had to go through. Positive vibes as well as negative vibes are here to test you, they come to you and ask you “What are you going to do with me?”


Nobody is pushing, motivating or even forcing me to train as I do now. Actually I’m wrong, I do push, motivate, force myself to do what I feel I have to do to reach my goals described above. And naturally, I can put in practice this utmost motivation because of the unbelievable support from my wife who's doing everything she can to help me grow the way I aim for. This gives me the strength to go on and enable to have this amazing feeling: Knowing that I went through so much mentally and physically that I actually enjoy the discomfort of an intense training session. I know I would not be the same without living through what happened in 2006.

For a long time, I believed I would never be as good as I was before that (no scars, playing football, partying, easy life), but in fact, I am now grateful to all of this. I now accept what happened and embraced to create everyday a better version of myself, all aspects considered (husband, father, son, brother, businessman, "athlete", Movement coach,…)

ScarAbs is dedicated to this quest, focused on this self-discipline mainly through moving better and interacting with people having the same goal. I really hope this community can grow and together we can help others to take advantage of our weaknesses.

Different dates...different look at my scars!!

Different dates...different look at my scars!!

Being “tenacious” is the thing I respect & hold dear, and with that, I truly and firmly believe that we are equipped for the life we deserve, for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Thank you;

Jerome, ScarAbs

Why this name: "ScarAbs" ?

What a great pleasure to finally start putting in writing all that we have lived during the last few years.

This is my first post. The one I can't mess up right? Well, I already know this won't be the most productive one and it doesn't matter.

I know it because there are so many ideas, concepts I'm learning now, that I first of all need to sort them out in a digestive manner for you reader to enjoy it.

"Digestive" has been and still is a key word in my life. I've been spending lot of my youth time in a hospital, whether to be in Madrid, Lyon, Paris or Budapest. I've got 3 big scars on my belly due to 1) GI perforation (2006) 2) Gallbladder removal because of pancreatitis (2013) and 3) appendix removal (also in 2013).

No doctor could help me (despite cutting me open and removing what they saw being inflamed). It took me a long time and lots of studies, readings to find out I had some gluten intolerance and other digestive sensitivity I had to really pay attention on. Lots of credits go to Robb Wolf, the Paleo diet expert who helped me a lot via Tweets and his book "The Paleo solution".

I still have damage to my core due the 3 scars, and I have what I call a "5-pack" because one part of my abs does not want to grow again as it used to.

However, knowing the cause of my problem had been a key to overcome it and get even in better shape than I was before all of that. I am now a MovNat Certified Trainer Level 1, looking forward to go through Level 2 at the end of the year with 2 great men, Erwan Le Corre (MovNat founder) and Vic Verdier (MovNat Operations Manager and Master Instructor). They both also helped me when I needed and I am grateful for that.

I keep learning the natural method and the benefits it provides for me and my family (both physically and mentally), but I firmly believe that what gives the edge, the extra energy to learn so much and so intensively is all the struggle I've been through, all the pain I had to bear and all the psychological breakdowns over and over. I love this expression which to "Train tenacious", being focused on one objective and not letting it go.

Learning the skills is one thing...having the drive to master them is inside of us, and simply revive by our own life experiences. Whether we want it or not, we will face adversity. And by thinking about it, I'm glad I had to go through this at a young age so I have still plenty of time to make my life a better one for me and also for my loved ones, my wife, my children and my close family and friends!

I love the idea that how Egyptians embraced the Scarab almost as a god. The Scarabaeus sacer is the most famous of the scarab beetles. To the Ancient Egyptians, S. sacer was a symbol of Khepri, the early morning manifestation of the sun god Ra, from an analogy between the beetle's behavior of rolling a ball of dung across the ground and Khepri's task of rolling the sun across the sky. 

This story gives me a strong guidance that I apply in my life:

- The early morning sun rising everyday is NOT something we should take for granted

- Like the scarab, I know the road is painful and long, but we have the capacity to make it and get what we want at the end.

These 2 points demand gratitude and determination. And this is what I want through "ScarAbs" to bring to all the people who want the same in their life: Being the best we can be, no matter how low we start.

Yes, I have "Scars" on my "Abs", and I may have more drawbacks to overcome, but I know my own path to happiness through movement, sport and human interaction and that's the best thing that ever happened to me.

I'll be much more specific in my next posts talking fitness, nutrition, etc...but I hope this one could help figure out why "ScarAbs" is now alive and ready to roll ! :-)